15 People Who Feel So Lucky to Have Found the Perfect In-Laws

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There are many families, where parents-in-law don’t get along well with their kid’s partner. The number one reason of that is that they probably don’t think their partner is good enough. However, there are also many examples where both families get along just great and they have created a very deep bond. It’s like being welcomed to a second family that loves you just as much as the first one.

Now I’ve Seen Everything would like to show you that not all in-laws are unpleasant people and these 15 photos will prove exactly that.

1. “My mother in law knitted me these fuzzy stump socks over the last two skiing seasons. They keep me warm during the winter when I’m not using my prosthetics.”

2. “I asked my father-in-law to dress up for photos with his granddaughters. He did not disappoint.”

3. “This is my sister-in-law walking my mom, 92, at our family reunion. It’s pretty neat to have another woman love your mom like you do.”

4. “My niece wanted steak for her birthday. My bro-in-law didn’t let the weather stop him.”

5. “A 4-generation shot of my 91-year-old mother-in-law, her daughter, her grandson, and her one-month-old great-granddaughter.”

6. “My mother-in-law is stacking blocks to the ceiling because my 4-year-old asked her to stack it as high as she could.”

7. “Waiting for Christmas lunch, grandson and father-in-law, 92 years between them”

8. “My wife’s family made fun of me for wanting green bean casserole at Thanksgiving because they all hate it. My father-in-law felt bad and secretly made some for me anyway.”

9. “It’s a pure bliss when your mother-in-law brings food for everyone during pictures.”

10. “My mother-in-law is ill. My 4-year-old begged me to make the 25-minute drive to take a picture of him and ’bubby’ with his angel.”

11. “5 years living abroad means 5 years without Thanksgiving. My in-laws surprised me with this beautiful meal.”

12. “My mother-in-law surprised my father-in-law on his route today with my son. It’s hard to tell who is happier.”

13. “My father-in-law invites himself over just so he can get Coco time.”

14. “My mother-in-law’s shocked face when she saw they’re getting the new couch she wants as a Christmas gift.”

15. “My dad does the fake handshake routine every chance he gets. My brother-in-law finally got him back.”

Are you married and if so how is your relationship with your in-laws? Do you consider them to be your family or are they just your partner’s family?

Preview photo credit benhundben / Reddit


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