15 People Who Give “Unlucky” a Whole New Meaning

2 years ago

Singing along to the early-2000’s catchy tune Bad Day by Daniel Powter is great until you’re having a bad day yourself. Fortunately, it’s a universal experience, which means that we don’t feel so alone in our struggles. And although not everyone writes a song about it, some do still like to capture the moment and share it on social media.

Now I’ve Seen Everything collected a few epic fails that surely became a good anecdote to those who went through it.

1. “I raged as I tried to find my drill for half an hour.”

2. “Went to a concert last night. This was my view for 3.5 hours.”

3. “Parking is free after 5 p.m. I paid until 5 p.m. Got a ticket at 5 p.m.”

4. “Went to the bathroom. Came back to find that my girlfriend had taken a bite out of my burrito.”

5. “Asked for ’no cheese, no mayo’ on my burger. It had cheese on it. I got a replacement and it has cheese on it.”

6. “Had an air purifier running for over a year with the filter covered in plastic the whole time.”

7. “The headphone jack snapped off because I tried to kill a mosquito and forgot I was wearing the headphones.”

8. “’I know you’re not feeling well, let me move your car for you.’ The next morning:”

9. “Was going to dip my cookies in milk but opened the package and saw this.”

10. “I don’t paint often, so I was really proud of myself for remembering to wear gloves this time.”

11. “Plugged a new mixer in. Accidentally turned it on and decided to mix my middle finger! Can’t bend the mixer back.”

12. “Time to go to bed! Um...what are those dots on my wall? Oh. Oh NO.”

13. “Rushing to take dinner out of the oven, was so excited, lost my grip. RIP, eggplant parm.”

14. “2-hour-old brand new off the shelf boots disintegrated. Cost my friend a day of work.”

15. “Wasps made a nest on my wasp spray bottle.”

What has recently been your biggest ironic moment? How do you react to such situations?

Preview photo credit Brave1i1toaster / Reddit


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