15 People Who Know How to Stand Out With Their Exceptional Style

2 years ago

Self-expression is very important for everyone, and style is the most common way people use it to express themselves. It can help you show others who you are, pick you up when you’re down, and show a different side to what others think of you. Style in general is an act of self-love and self-care, and we are glad to see people not being afraid to go wild.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is in awe of these 15 people who know exactly what they want and what to do to achieve it.

1. “My makeup tends to be heavier, but I’m too proud not to show this off.”

2. “Never tried these colors together, but it looks kind of fun!”

3. “The Diwali edition — it took me years to perfect.”

4. “Colors are almost like a traffic light.”

5. “I painted my nails an ombré pink and purple with a cloud design.”

6. “I get that it ain’t everyone’s style and that’s okay, very ’90s.”

7. “I’ve spent too much time staring at my nails today, it may be a problem at work tomorrow.”

8. “Sherpa shoes with a sherpa jacket — the pants, I thrifted.”

9. “A Holi (Indian festival of colors) inspired makeup look — it’s eye shadow that I blended like blush.”

10. “I have no excuses for going overboard with decorations other than being stuck at home.”

11. “Hoping for spring! I did a cherry blossom-inspired look.”

12. “Comfort zones are for the weak, I love this silhouette.”

13. “Bringing back the old. The sweater pulls it all together.”

14. “Created a Falgun look! Bengali festivals and holidays.”

15. “Everyday makeup vs drag makeup, both rather minimalistic.”

Do you have trouble styling yourself or have you found the perfect way to express yourself through style?

Preview photo credit yo-nahs / reddit


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