15+ People Who Needed Time and Patience to Turn Into Beautiful Swans

2 years ago

We all have these awkward high school photos we are still too embarrassed to look at. Back then, it seemed like those braces and breakouts would never go away and your hair would always look like it grew in different directions. But the truth is no one looks camera-ready every single day, and even the most attractive celebrities have gone through an awkward phase.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything are proud of these 19 brave people who turned into stunningly beautiful adults and aren’t afraid to share their less-than-perfect photos from the past.

1. “Then: 320 lb, face was always red, angry at Dad. Now: 250 lb, skin is healthier, I love my dad.”

2. “14 vs 26 — once an emo, always an emo.”

3. “14 to 22 — grew into my face and stopped hating every aspect of my existence.”

4. “I used to hate myself. This week I got offered a commercial modeling contract. The weight loss helped, but loving myself helped the most.”

5. “246 lb (111.5 kg) lost in 1.5 years!”

6. “Age 16 vs 20”

7. “Mid-twenties to mid-thirties, the difference is obvious.”

8. “Lost 100 lb (45.3 kg) and now I model full time!”

9. “When I loved pizza and was insecure (17) vs I still love pizza and have learned to love myself (25)”

10. “Lost 110 lb (50 kg) in 18 months after a rugby injury, started rowing for my university, and got my MSc in mathematics.”

11. “I got sick of not looking how I envisioned myself looking, and here it is, 19 to 23.”

12. “14 to 23, it’s been an awkward decade for me.”

13. “11 to 30, braces were good to me.”

14. “Sixth grade and age 21”

15. “18 vs 23, I’m just a late bloomer, I guess.”

16. 18 to 24, a solid transformation

17. “I always knew deep down I was a blonde (12 vs 15 vs 20).”

18. “Me at 16 and 21”

19. “15 vs 25 — I like my Pocahontas hairstyle now.”

Do you have a before/after picture? We’d be happy to see your photos and comments in the section below.

Preview photo credit vicebjj / Reddit


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