15+ People Who Probably Haven’t Been on Vacation for a While

9 months ago

It’s difficult to always work at 100% — we get tired, lose motivation, and sometimes even experience burnout. It’s OK, because we’re not robots, we’re only humans, and need to have a rest from time to time. Otherwise, we might start to cut corners or simply make mistakes because of being inattentive, which might lead to some laughable results, like for today’s heroes.

1. That’s a tall girl if you ask me.

2. “We call this one, ’The Landlord Supremo’”

3. “When your sister melts the oven tray, but the chicken nuggets are just chilling.”

4. Bananas by the each

5. “Found at a local train station.”

6. The instruction was to hang them, which was indeed done.

7. Elevator confusion

8. The point is that the wall is covered. Whether it fits in with the rest or not, that’s something else.

9. “Finished the lines Boss!”

10. The job was to paint the road, not move the potatoes on the road.

11. Don’t ever buy cheap headphones.

12. Okay, how do I get out of here?

13. Basic biology left the chat

14. “Installed that new sink, boss.”

15. From today on, we all have to cross the street like this.

16. Close enough

17. “Not sure if that’s how this works.”

What has been the most creative way you repaired something that needed to be fixed in your home?

Preview photo credit thompson743 / reddit


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