15 People Who Prove That a Sense of Humor Is an Essential Life Skill

2 years ago

Laughter is probably one of the best gifts we can give and receive. It gives us the happy hormones we need, improves our cardiovascular health, lightens up our mood, and boosts our immune system. Humor at home or in the work place can also diffuse tension, and it gives us temporary relief from life’s challenges.

If you need an extra dose of dopamine today, Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered these 15 photos that could bring out a chuckle or two, and hopefully they help make your day brighter.

1. “I lost my foot after a motorcycle accident. This is the sticker my son chose to decorate my brace.”

The sticker says “Daddy Long Legs.”

2. “Used my phone’s red-eye elimination feature and I think my freckles confused it.”

3. “Got a pic with Santa and he said I was too big. We compromised.”

4. “When someone tells me I wear too much makeup”

5. “My daughter is selling chocolate for a fundraiser. I told her to leave me a note to remind me to grab a box to sell at work.”

6. “I parked my truck next to this car.”

7. “When I’m too cool to follow instructions”

8. “Playing around with my 2-month-old beard and my 8-year-old son”

9. “I just started a new job where I (Annie) sit between an Ann and an Anna. So I cross-stitched a direction sign.”

10. “How my girlfriend slices onions”

11. “Toilet humor: My 5-year-old laughed, my 3-year-old freaked out, and my wife rolled her eyes.”

12. “Decided to spoof my son’s Facebook profile photo.”

13. “Our IT guy just sent us a picture of him in his youth. Some people are destined.”

14. “My boyfriend wore a moustache and a vintage style swimsuit the ENTIRE time we were at a waterpark.”

15. Well, that’s one way to “fix” it.

Do you consider yourself to be a funny person? What’s your best joke? We’ll be searching the comments for good laughs!

Preview photo credit roersmat / Reddit


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