19 People That Were Born With a Distinctive Feature and a Ton of Confidence

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In a world where beauty standards are trying to make everyone look very similar, people that are brave enough to be themselves look like big rebels. They are stared at on the street and sometimes even pointed at, but they don’t care. Unique features, such as an unusual height, different-colored eyes, or a big nose, shouldn’t be fixed or changed just because they don’t meet certain standards.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything think that all of us are special, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. This is exactly how the people from this compilation carry themselves.

1. “I have a tiny pinky.”

2. “I have partial heterochromia in both eyes.”

3. “I have dermatographia, which means I can ’draw’ on my skin.”

4. “My friend has little freckles on both of her ear lobes, making it look like she’s wearing earrings.”

5. “My hair and eyelashes are naturally split into blonde and brunette.”

6. “My right pinky has an extra ’square.’”

7. “My beard grows 1/4 orange and is split at pretty much the middle of my chin (and even extends up to my bottom lip).”

8. “A loss of blood flow to my fingers due to Raynaud’s disease”

9. “This stripe I have on my left iris”

10. “Half of my hair is growing back straight, and the other half is growing back curly.”

11. “I have fraternal thumbs, 1 from each parent, due to a genetic mutation on my dad’s side.”

12. “I have an extra bone growth next to my knee that I like to call my extra knee cap.”

13. “One of my eyes looks like the pupil is not in the center.”

14. “One patch of my hair grows black instead of blonde.”

15. “I have brachymetatarsia, so my toes look like this.”

16. “My leg hair genuinely grows in a spiral.”

17. “I have a hereditary gap in my eyebrow.”

18. “My son has partial heterochromia. His eyes have around 3 colors.”

19. “Please take a moment to appreciate my hands.”

We believe that what’s important is not what nature gives us, but how we feel about it. For example, supermodel Winnie Harlow was born with vitiligo. Even though children laughed at her and called her a zebra, she accepted her uniqueness and built a successful career in the fashion world. Do you have physical traits you were once ashamed of but grew to accept?


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