15 People Who Will Make You Feel Jealous of Witty Thinking

year ago

No matter what you are looking for, you can certainly find countless choices in the market to buy from. However, some people choose to make stuff they need from scratch by themselves. Or they find alternative solutions to problems they’re facing without having to spend a fortune.

Now I’ve Seen Everything would like to bow in respect to these 15 people who know how to make a DIY project that can be admired by everyone.

1. “Stick attached to cats preventing them from stepping out.”

2. “My boyfriend found a way to warm up his cold butter for breakfast!”

3. Now, we wish we had the same wallet.

4. “How my boyfriend brought home potatoes from the store today”

5. “Look, sometimes you just need a car. Like, for instance, when you need to haul 275 lb of firewood...oh, wait.”

6. “Bigger rivalry than Aldi vs Lidl”

7. “Anyone else have to improvise getting their shopping bags from the car to the house? I feel ridiculous.”

8. Stonehenge-like birthday cake.

9. “My sister makes functional packs from plastic bags.”

10. “Charging in the village”

11. “My friend’s solution to charging a phone from an outlet that’s too high up”

12. “My sister whittled a ’3′ out of a ’6′ candle for my birthday cake.”

13. “My brother has a window in his gate for dogs.”

14. “How my workplace deals with leaking pipes”

15. The perfect backyard jacuzzi.

How is your DIY game? Have you ever found a unique and super smart way to fix or organize something with almost no money spent?


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