15 People Whose Facepalm Moments Made Our Eyes Twitch

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Many singers have sung about the common saying that nobody’s perfect, including Jessie J. That’s extremely accurate given how many times things can go wrong throughout our lives. Whether it’s caused by distraction or simply by our luck running out, no one is able to make it through a long time without a single mishap. And, it just so happens that sometimes those are captured on camera.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered a few situations where people’s mistakes made their way to the internet.

1. “A fly landed as my friend was taking his driver’s license photo.”

2. “Just a little bit more.”

3. “My boyfriend tried to wash a down pillow.”

4. “My fiancée wanted to be nice and make some ribs. Turns out Pyrex can shatter.”

5. “I forgot to add oil when cooking this egg.”

6. “My hot oil burn from earlier today.”

7. “My graduation photo”

8. “2 pizzas I bought to bake in my hotel that has no oven.”

9. “Late night flight canceled. The airline was unable to put us in a hotel.”

10. “My pillow in my €120 a night hotel”

11. “Accidentally put my wool hat in the washing machine. The label said handwash cold.”

12. “Sun through the skylight is a direct hit to the record player.”

13. “I guess they won’t be driving anywhere anytime soon.”

14. “My sister got me a new book for my birthday.”

15. “Tried evening out my tan from the other day and it didn’t go so well.”

Who would you hug if you could only give one hug to one of the “victims”? Please tell us about the time when you needed a hug more than anything else in the world!


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