15+ People Whose Kindness Brightens Up Our World

2 years ago

Kindness towards other people exists in various shapes and forms. Of course, it can be something huge like sacrificing your life in order to save others or spending a lot of money to build an amusement park for kids with special needs. However, it can also be just making your loved ones happy by spending time together or making their little wishes come true.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything believe that such good deeds make our world a much better place, so we’d like to praise our today’s heroes and their kind hearts.

1. “I went diving with my metal detector in a private lake and was able to return multiple valuables to their owners, including a $5000 wedding ring that was lost for almost 5 years!”

2. A father from Texas sold his construction business and spent $51 million to build an amusement park for his daughter and other children with special needs.

3. “A farmer in my hometown died before he could finish the harvest. All the farmers in my hometown came out to finish it for the family.”

4. “The previous owner wanted to euthanize her because she had kidney disease. I adopted her instead. Her kidney levels are now within a normal range and she’s my best friend!”

5. “This restaurant not only welcomes dogs, but it also offers dog portions for cheap.”

6. “My husband doesn’t think I did anything for his birthday because we’re broke. Little does he know he’s got a spa night, snacks, and a 3-course meal waiting for him.”

7. This kid gave up his seat to a woman with a baby and then when the mother fell asleep, he put his hand in between her head and the railing so she could use it as a pillow.

8. This guy is marking out on a small football field, with his blind friend’s hands, what’s going on down on the actual field.

9. “I collect prop replicas. My girlfriend spared no expense on my Valentine’s Day gift.”

10. Some guy bought this parking space just to save this old tree.

11. This cat lost her paws to frostbite, but doctors from Novosibirsk 3D-printed prosthetic legs for her. Now, she can run again, wash herself, and be a regular cat.

12. “I’ve spent an hour doing CPR for a puppy that couldn’t breathe. I’d almost stopped believing, but then he started breathing! Now, I realize I’ve chosen the right profession!”

13. “We auctioned off our beards to raise money for prostate cancer. This was the design chosen for me!”

14. “A bull charged and almost stomped this baby. My dog then chased and led the bull away. The calf was in shock and not moving. After about an hour in the house, he started getting lively. Then the mama moose showed up and they were reunited. Now he’s been hanging around ever since and we’ve named him Bernard.”

15. “This is not our cat. We installed a cat door in our shed. Our new neighbors rarely let their cat in, even when it’s freezing cold outside. We’ve spoken to them twice, nicely, and they are not concerned. So we are helping our cat bro out by giving him access to our shed.”

16. “Raining all day and the ground floor condos don’t have any awnings to protect packages if you’re not home. This delivery driver is the real MVP.”

17. “Saw this guy at Wal-Mart buying ALL of their remaining Santa hats. He said that he did this every year after Christmas and donates them to children’s hospitals for the next year.”

Has anyone ever done anything kind for you?

Preview photo credit Merman_Mike / Reddit


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