15 People Whose Middle Name Could Be “Fun”

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Scientists claim laughter can relax the whole body. A good, hearty laugh relieves physical tension and stress, leaving your muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes afterward. The heroes of today’s article might be very chilling people, because they try to find a reason for a huge giggle even in the tiniest things. Today, they’re passing the game to us all and sharing their hilarious moments with us.

Now I’ve Seen Everything wants to show you the latest collection of the funniest pics that will make you laugh regardless of your age.

1. “My wife sprayed my back with sunscreen. I can’t see back there — did she do a good job?”

2. “My little sister was complaining about wanting to swim but having no pool. I found her in the backyard like this.”

3. “When your dad thinks your bath bomb is a toilet cleaner.”

4. “Homer in the hedge nails”

5. “I asked my mom for a cool bookmark and this is what she gave me. (Yes, that is my mother).”

6. “This got me laughing.”

7. “My daughter’s priceless reaction when I decided to take the XL bowl of Pho challenge.”

8. “My wife wanted her sandwich cut in half. She was non-specific as to how.”

9. “But I’m thirsty...”

10. “Told my girlfriend it was impossible to stand a coin on its side.”

11. “I don’t know why people claim there’s no variety in dad clothes — think about all the outfits I could pull together from these!”

12. ‎"’The toilet is alive,’ my kids informed me!"

13. “A little late for Valentine’s Day, but anyway, I got this from my cat today.”

14. “Didn’t know I’d be exposed that my two front teeth are fake at a black light party”

15. “Boyfriend and I got photo bombed by a giraffe.”

Which photo made you smile, and which one gave you a real laugh?

Preview photo credit Unknown author / Imgur


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