15+ People Whose Sense of Humor Deserves a Special Award

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Now that most people have smartphones with them at all times, taking a picture is the easiest task imaginable. However, doing that in a way that tells a story and makes people feel all sorts of emotions still takes a whole lot of talent. Our today’s heroes managed to take photos full of humor, drama, and love.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything found some masterpieces that Internet users shared.

1. “The best photo I took at my sister’s wedding”

2. “I asked my sister how she’s getting on with her new puppy.”

3. “My boyfriend as a baby, and now at 24”

4. “Got a pic with Santa and he said I was too big. We compromised.”

5. “My brother’s gift to me”

  • The note says: “I couldn’t afford anything so I got you this box.”

6. “Our newest son was born yesterday, the oldest was not amused.”

7. “All he got was one bottle of ranch.”

8. “Playing around with my 2-month-old beard and my 8-year-old son”

9. “A spare tire I saw on my way to work”

10. “I found this the day after Halloween.”

11. “My husband was so excited about his custom card.”

12. “Today, I witnessed the miracle of birth on the way home from work.”

13. “My girlfriend is a hairdresser. She ’accidentally’ left this waiting for me.”

14. “This guy has a helmet for his phone.”

15. “$100 in singles, individually wrapped for my brother”

16. “My daughter wanted to make aluminum foil masks.”

17. “This car’s rear wiper”

18. “The joys of parenting”

Which of these images tickled your funny bone? Do you have any funny pictures to share with us? Let us know in the comments.

Preview photo credit BabyGroot1337 / Reddit


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