15+ Photos Proving That Having Kids Means Never Feeling Bored Ever Again

2 years ago

Kids definitely live in their own world — a world where paper bags can save your shoes from getting wet, and the biggest disappointment is the fact that beavers keep chomping on trees. This is how they never get bored with themselves and continue to keep the adults around smiling.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything know how useful it is to look at our world from a child’s perspective, so here are 20+ photos that’ll allow you to do just that.

1. “My kid torturing our robot mop is how the robot revolution starts.”

2. “Our house has 10 rooms...”

3. “I forgot to shut the bathroom door.”

4. “Identically unperturbed by what they did to themselves with the clippers at 5 a.m.”

5. “My daughter’s favorite way to cool me off after a long run on a hot day”

6. “He didn’t want his shoes to get wet, so he put paper bags on his feet and waded into the ocean.”

7. ’’’Mom, he’s too hot and he needs a fan.’ Imagine this wonderful morning..."

8. “My kid refuses to eat her eggs because there are ’dark spots.’ That’s the fork.”

9. The best gift card for Father’s Day

10. “I have a daughter, so I’m always pretty.”

11. “My 3-year-old is angry because the beavers keep chomping on the tree.”

12. “In case anyone is wondering how we are doing, this is my 3-year-old cleaning his potty with my toothbrush.”

13. “My kid is going places.”

14. “Mommy, I dropped the toilet paper in the toilet, but then I washed it.”

15. “Now I know my ABCs, I’ll write them on our SUV.”

16. “One picture that perfectly describes the life of a parent”

17. “Walked in the bathroom to find my kid ’washing’ a book he found.”

18. “I used to turtle up when I was really mad.”

Do you have similar photos in your family archives? We’d be happy to see them in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit bowb4zod / Reddit


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