15 Photos That Prove Gentle People Are Very Much Existing

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Kindness has become less prevalent in our society and one good reason is because life is so fast that we don’t have time to stop and help others. Social media have also made human interactions less personal. However, there are always examples that show how some people don’t forget how important giving their help is. Yes, it might take time and it might be soul-consuming at times, but it is the humane thing to do.

Now I’ve Seen Everything truly believes that kindness and chivalry are still very much present in our society and these 15 pictures and stories behind them are clear proof of that.

1. “My mom has military service-related ALS. My parents divorced 20 years ago, but they still love each other.”

2. A kind stranger’s nice gesture.

3. “He loves me. The hubby made me a heart-shaped funnel cake”

4. This person came back to find a kind stranger had inflated their flat tire.

5. “We have only been dating for a short time and we haven’t even said ‘I love you’ yet. But he took care of me after my surgery, helped me in the shower, and put clothes on me.”

6. “This amazing gentleman every Valentine’s Day will bring all the widows from the nursing/retirement home and treat them to lunch and gifts and a rose for each.”

7. “My fiancé who’s an electrician built this box for me to solve in his proposal to me! He wrote a corresponding poem that gave me the answers to the 4 challenges. I said YES!!!”

8. “While on a hike I found and rescued a lamb.”

9. Nothing more precious than a grandmother’s love.

10. “This Iranian boy has cancer, yet his teacher comes to visit him everyday in hospital to fill him in on what he has missed at school.”

11. “Going through a rough time, but flowers always help bring a smile.”

12. “This man was forced to give his dog to Humane Society due to lengthy hospital stay. This nurse went to the shelter and adopted his dog. She will return him once the man is released.”

13. “This was at 6:30 AM at the bakery this morning. Thought I was the best husband in the world for Mother’s Day breakfast. Apparently, other people put in even more effort.”

14. “This couple gave my kids all these tickets. They just like to play the games.”

15. “I found this in a can of formula I opened today. Thank you, kind stranger. It is truly needed and appreciated!”

Have you ever done anything so nice for someone else without thinking about getting anything in return?

Preview photo credit iBelieveInSpace / Reddit


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