15+ Pics That Can Make You Feel Like You’re Traveling to the Past

2 years ago

Nothing brings us back to the good old days quicker than an old photo or sentimental object. The nostalgia these things bring can sometimes be so powerful that we remember all the memories, emotions, and even the smells attached to them. And we also get a good laugh when we see how silly our old styles were.

Get ready for a blast from the past as Now I’ve Seen Everything dug up 20 photos that will give us all the warm and fuzzy feels.

1. “I was obsessed with Korn as a teen. This was a DIY Photoshop I did of my face onto his girlfriend’s body.”

2. “I found my old Tamagotchi in the loft!”

3. “Thankfully, my eyebrows grew back.”

4. “Pixel Chix dollhouses were black magic back then.”

5. “My bedroom in 2003/2004 — notice the PC, VCR TV, and my vTech phone.”

6. “I still have friends from high school. They have a lot to answer for after letting me do my eyebrows like this.”

7. “My co-worker in high school”

8. Do you remember the Bratz dolls?

9. “Y’all remember the ’90s Furbies?”

10. “I was that emo kid at my school, complete with the ’rawr face’ and lip ring.”

11. “In 2013, I’d wear this makeup look to high school every day.”

12. “My Little Pony dolls”

13. “My senior photo in 2009 — it wasn’t enough without the tiara.”

14. “Here I was, age 13, as the blue eyeshadow and hardcore blush stage hit me hard.”

15. Do these butterfly clips look familiar?

16. “The epitome of 1988 SoCal fashion in secretary glasses”

17. “My boyfriend got me this for my twenty-first birthday. Finished it in 30 minutes but SO worth the nostalgia!”

18. “My husband in the seventh grade”

19. “Me, age 15: greasy hair, glasses, braces, awkward thumbs up, and my iPod Shuffle!”

20. “My wonderful supportive mom paid a PROFESSIONAL photographer for these.”

Do you remember any of these products, or were you guilty of any of these trends yourself? Let us know in the comments!

Preview photo credit trishery1020 / Reddit


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