15+ Pics That Will Make You Believe Cats Are Liquid

2 years ago

Cats are master contortionists. Their bodies are so malleable that they can stretch and squeeze themselves into small spaces or adapt to any container’s shape — just like a liquid. And it looks like defying the laws of physics is one of their favorite hobbies, as exhibited by these photos from pet owners.

Now I’ve Seen Everything rounded up pictures of cats that will leave us confused — and in awe — of their ability to flow anywhere they want.

1. “Could you really not find another place to sleep?”

2. “I may have just taken the most important cat photo.”

3. “Purrrfect fit”

4. “My cat, looking like he flushed himself down the drain”

5. “Dripping through the hole in his tower”

6. “I found a weird, oversized furry snake with ears.”

7. “My cat, Mint, somehow fits in a baguette basket.”

8. “Caterfall”

9. “My cat curled up in my vacuum hose.”

10. Stretchy long boy!

11. “Spilled my morning cat on the rug...”

12. “Melting through my girlfriend’s hands (also, long boy)”

13. “This is Basil, and he’s 1 gallon.”

14. “Dang, going to have to get a new couch after I spilled my cat over it.”

15. If it fits, it sits.

16. “My mom’s cat, Tom, just melted all over her.”

17. “My drink fits perfectly in the cup holders.”

18. “Maybe not quite liquid yet but definitely melting...”

19. “I had a suspicion my newly adopted boy was liquid. Today it was confirmed!”

Are your pets highly flexible too? Share their photos with us in the comments below!

Preview photo credit 9999monkeys / Reddit


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