15 Tattoos That Are Way More Than Just a Pretty Design

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Body art is beautiful to look at, yet sometimes it can be more than just a wonderful design. Some people get inked as a way to exteriorize their feelings, express a hidden secret or pay tribute to a loved one. After all, there is no better way to show that we love someone or deeply miss them than to have their memory with us wherever we go, forever.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is a huge fan of tattoos that hold an emotional message. We will share with you some body art designs that will give you all kinds of intense feelings.

1. ’’I lost my brother. He was 36.’’

2. ’’My friend’s grandma told him not to get anymore tattoos. He got this.’’

“My wife and I got matching anniversary tattoos.”

“My favorite scene, from one of my favorite movies”

Scar-based fish tattoo

Tattoos about the people we love don’t have to be super-realistic. Here is a great example.

Before and after, covering an iron stain. The artist did a great job.

“Minimal tattoo of my mom”

A tattoo to honor my beloved dog

“Decided to get a tattoo to commemorate my trade/skill as an electrician. And since I work with my hands for a living, I thought, what better place to put it.”

Here is another person that decided to use his scar for a tattoo.

“Chick cow ski (how to say my last name)”

“My first major tattoo! It’s my pup Bentley, who has been the best part of my life.”

“Wanted a piece to encompass my 2 loves — sewing and baking.”

’’I got my first tattoo today, in memory of my grandma.’’

Do you have tattoos with interesting stories behind them? We’d be happy to see the photos!

Preview photo credit mybrotherd*** / Reddit


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