18 Facts About Other Countries That Might Make You Want to Move

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Going to a different country is always a great opportunity to learn all about its culture and unique way of living. Maybe this is one of the reasons why so many people love to travel to areas so far away from their homes. That’s definitely why we decided to gather a few facts about other countries you might not have heard or seen before.

1. “A cat crossing signage in Seoul.”

2. “In the Netherlands, the farmers border their fields with a strip of flowers for biodiversity and there’s a QR code to pay for picking flowers.”

3. “This building with an ’F’ for the fourth floor instead of a numerical 4, as 4 is considered bad luck.”

4. “The people of Rhodes take such good care of the street cats.”

5. “This bathroom mirror in the Tallinn Airport has instructions on how to tie a tie.”

6. “This children’s urinal has a robot head. Incheon, South Korea.”

7. “I found this in a restaurant in South Korea. It is mouth wash.”

8. “In a movie theatre in South Korea, you can get a drink with 2 straw holes.”

9. “Night bus in Japan”

10. “The town I live in just put up a 50-foot Leg Lamp, permanently.”

11. “This South Korean bus stop.”

12. “NY coffee shop dumps grinds in their flowerbeds.”

13. “Rentable soundproof offices in the Seattle airport.”

14. “Perfect. I always wished I could brush my teeth with fire noodle sauce.”

15. “This mall has a ‘husband depository’ with massage chairs and phone chargers.”

16. “Actual cashews with the nut on top in a Brazilian supermarket.”

17. There are plastic finger covers to eat chips with in Korea.

18. “Korea has sock vending machines.”


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