15 Times When “What on Earth?” Claim Was Really to the Point

7 months ago

The human brain can process images that the eye sees in 13 milliseconds, but processing an image that blows up our brain may take longer. For example, if we see something floating in the air, although in fact it is absolutely different thing.

“First ever mirror carp, what do y’all think it weighs?”

“Driving down a side street and glanced down an ally and had to do a double-take.”

“Floating thrash bins.”

“Cujo 2023? If you know, you know.”

“Hello there!”

An explanation is needed.

This is a perfect match.

Tesco man is ready to help you with your groceries.

“Absolutely foul.”

“Watch out ladies, this one’s a player.”

“I forgot to take my Coke out of the freezer.”

“That T-shirt is flying.”

“Empty or full?”

“Man standing on frozen Michigan Lake.”

New level of nightmares.

Confusing moments serve as a reminder that the unpredictable essence of the world keeps us alert, guaranteeing that bewilderment is constantly lurking nearby, ready to manifest itself and boggle our brain at any given minute.


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