15 Confusing Photos We Can’t Understand How They Came to Be

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Perspective is for photography what salt is for food, a simple yet magic ingredient that can make a difference. And creating a good perspective can turn a flat photo into a two-dimensional image that has depth. All these are still important if you need to create a deceiving picture that will show something different than what is actually going on in real life.

1. “Don’t usually brag but I’ve been saving a lot for this watch and finally managed to buy it.”

2. Woah, that fish is huge! Or is it?

3. “A man playing billiards on my car”

4. “My earball is itchy.”

5. “Just a kiddo in the bubble.”

6. “This image I took while helping my dad with roofing work”

7. “A cat casually passing through a car”

8. “My dog found some portals under my bed.”

9. “Be my eyes, I said.”

10. “A flying pole or a smudge on the floor?”

11. “This picture of a friend hiking makes him look like a giant sitting amongst mountains.”

12. “Reflective surface”

13. “Whose leg is it anyway?”

14. “Jimmy fell asleep beneath the cat cushion and I nearly had a heart attack.”

15. “Giant cat in transit.”

What is the best explanation you can give for picture #1? What is going on there?

Preview photo credit Dbrazy / Imgur


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