16 Animals Who Stepped on the Line Between Sweet and Goofy

10 months ago

If you are a pet owner, you must have noticed at least once that your animal friend behaved in a very human-like way. Maybe they were sitting with their front legs crossed or they sat on a chair the same way us humans do. In most of these cases, it’s our favorite pet mimicking our behavior in a way to get closer to us and maybe understand us. Animals like orcas, dolphins, apes, elephants and house cats have been scientifically proven to imitate our manneurisms.

1. “Dad started putting in a new toilet. Walked away for a few minutes and came back to this.”

2. “I am a hat.”

3. A big doggo protecting its little sister

4. “I told him not to get dirty while outside to potty. This is his ’Sorry mom, it was an accident’ face.”

5. Sometimes, the camera catches you off guard.

6. “I’m terribly sorry, madam. I have absolutely no idea where he learned that word.”

7. “I’ve seen some dogs and cats on this sub but here’s a deer that goes.”

8. “Curiosity got Murphy the cat stuck in a coat sleeve.”

9. Absolutely astounded

10. “I almost did it.”

11. “This flowerpot is so strange.”

12. Healthy sleep

13. “Please say hello to my cat.”

14. When you’re really excited by art:

15. “My dog ran away. After hours of looking, I came home to this.”

16. What goes in doesn’t always come out.

Do you have any pets and if you do, what kind are they? Are they the quiet type of are they constantly making your life a real adventure?

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