16 Inventions and Designs That Should Be Up for Awards

2 years ago

You could be selling the most basic and everyday item that everyone uses but you don’t have enough sales for your business to survive. Finding a smart way to market and package your product can make your sales skyrocket, even for items that aren’t necessarily highly used. That’s the wonderful thing about marketing and smart design. And we are here to celebrate these great minds that think outside the box and offer us something we haven’t seen before.

Now I’ve Seen Everything loves to give credit where it’s due, and these 16 designs sure are deserving of much credit.

1. “Wonderful paintbrush packaging”

2. “Make mowing great again. Mountain bike lawnmower.”

3. “My milkshake was served in a lightbulb.”

4. “This toilet paper roll contains a mini paper roll to carry with you, instead of an hollow carbord roll.”

5. “This jar of mustard has a handle, so that after you finish the mustard, it becomes a glass mug with a handle.”

6. “These glow in the dark door handle stickers in case the power goes out when you’re in the room.”

7. Gloves that free your thumb and index finger for when you need to use your phone.

8. “This individual egg carton”

9. “My Asian ’Pringles’ has a tab to lift the chips up so you don’t have to put your hand inside the tube.”

10. “This fork and spoon look like gardening tools.”

11. “My university has a secured charging station you can safety lock and charge your devices.”

12. “A smart with a snowplow”

13. An adaptive stroller that helps parents in need.

14. “This grocery cart has a drink holder to hold coffee cups while you shop.”

15. “Every math teacher’s dream door mat.”

16. “My school fights littering by installing basketball hoops above trash cans.”

Have you ever stumbled upon any great and useful designs that more people should know about?


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