15 Losing Weight Transformation Before and After Photos

2 years ago

From 2000 through 2017-18, the obesity rates in the US have risen from 30.5% to 42.4%, which is a staggering increase. The health complications are probably the reason why so many people choose to shed weight and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is proud of all the people who took matters into their hands and transformed their lives for the better.

1. “(355 lbs down to 155 lbs in 3 years.) Learning to not be afraid of gaining weight as I try to put on muscle.”

We are starting strong with not just an incredible weight loss journey, but also a spectacular face before and after! This guy transformed himself into such a handsome young man. He also pointed out a very important part of any weight loss: at one point, the number on the scale can become very unstable. In that case, it is very important to focus on how you feel, instead of your weight change. Three years definitely did him good, we hope he keeps the weight off with ease!

2. “Gained 16 lbs in 12 months. My Marfan syndrome keeps me on the thin side, but I think I look a lot less sickly now.”

Sometimes transformations are not only about losing weight, for many people the struggle is gaining it. Not only did this girl have to change her relationship with food to put some meat on her bones, she also did it despite her condition. Any kind of medical condition makes it so much more difficult for people to either lose or gain weight, so we can’t even imagine how much effort she had to put into her transformation. We are very proud of her!

3. “2011 — 2018 (16 years old vs 24 years old)”

This is a beautiful example of what weight loss can do to a person’s confidence. This guy’s before and after pics have a lifetime between them, and we are sure he had to work very hard to get to where he is at these days. Now only did he lose a lot of weight, he also found his signature style that makes him look like a movie star! It also looks like healthy choices did wonders for his acne. Well, that and of course finishing going through puberty. Still, clean eating is a big factor in clear skin.

4. He didn’t just grow up, but also lost a ton of weight.

We can clearly see that this guy had to go through an extensive journey to lose weight. First, he had to shed those pesky pounds, but then he also focused on building muscle. Just look at his arms! You can’t achieve such muscle definition by just eating clean. Gym is an irreplaceable component of effective weight loss transformations. And once you fall in love with exercising, only the sky is the limit. Your body is in your hands, and there’s no limit to perfection.

5. “I realized there was no secret to weight loss. I just lowered my calories, did some exercise, and gave myself 7 months.”

This guy is speaking the truth. There are so many diet and exercise fads going around, with many so-called experts sharing tips for speedy weight loss where you can eat whatever you want and avoid exercise by doing one magical thing. You get the type. But no, our bodies respond only to routine, which consists of controlling your calories and putting in the proper work at the gym.To be fair, doesn’t it sound doable? Yes, it requires effort, but you can’t expect to get results like this guy without breaking at least some sweat.

6. “From 331 lbs to 166 lbs in 3 years”

For three years, this is a spectacular result! We are very happy to see that this woman did not rush her weight loss, she worked consistently and tirelessly to achieve this transformation, and she took as much time as she needed. This reminds us that if you want to lose weight, it is best to take your time, slowly introduce new habits into your daily life, otherwise you risk struggling to keep up with new promises. In addition, it is much easier to keep the weight off if it was lost over a long period of time.

7. “From 266 lbs to 196 lbs in 6-7 months”

What a beautiful transformation! We can’t imagine how much work this guy had to put in over those months to achieve such incredible results. His face has changed so much, we are absolutely loving it. We can only assume that the moment he put on that fit shirt was a real triumph for him. Any overweight person knows that fitted clothing is a big fear, but he conquered it and looked so dashing doing it, we are in love.

8. “My fiancé began his weight loss journey. It’s now one year later, and he is down 145 pounds.”

It is incredible what this guy was able to accomplish on his weight loss journey in only a year. He clearly lost weight, gained muscle definition, and took his transformation even further by getting an awesome haircut and properly grooming his facial hair. This guy’s fianceé is a lucky lady, and we are sure she gave him a lot of much needed support. Good vibes only in that family!

9. “425 lbs (193kg) to 175 lbs weight loss. One year done in maintenance.”

This guy lost almost a half of his older self! But not only is his transformation absolutely jaw-dropping, he probably also feels so much better in his own skin. Can you just imagine the relief he must feel in his new body? But, most importantly, he was successful in maintaining his new weight, which is a big step in any weight loss journey that many people struggle with. Well, if you need some inspiration, this guy has plenty!

10. “Today is my 5th year of my weight loss journey.”

Five years went by quite well for this guy. The difference is absolutely staggering, and we love that he is also working on building his muscles. Girls must be lining up to get a date with this cutie, and we do not mind taking a number and waiting for our turn. And we would even be willing to go on a hiking date, because he must prefer that over sitting in a restaurant for a long time, right?

11. “From 326.5 lbs to 167 lbs in over 9 years”

This woman deserves a standing ovation, not only for demonstrating an astonishing weight loss, but only for putting herself out there and showing us that she can now fit in one pant leg of her former pants. Nine years might seem like a long way, but it is better to spend those nine years perfecting yourself and respecting your body, then to wake up nine years later in the same spot you started at.

12. “From 304 lbs to 145 lbs. Hey look Ma, I made it.”

We are going to need more proof that this is the same person. Alright, we will believe her of course. And note the weight, now she literally lost half of her older self, and even a little bit more! She must have gone through some of the most difficult times of her life getting to the place she is at right now, but when she sees these before and after pics, she must be filled with so much pride. Even we are feeling emotional looking at these photos!

13. “2020 is keeping a big part of me with it.”

That is a very nice way of putting it! Leave your past self in the year that must have been the hardest on you. We also love that a part of her journey was participating in a marathon. That is a wonderful motivation for when you are losing weight. Not only are you bettering yourself, you’re also working towards a clear goal, which is to endure a full marathon. Any of us can come up with different motivators, as long as they get us closer to our ultimate goal.

14. “From 534 lbs to 217 lbs. Same chair 3 years later.”

These before and after pics are messing with out heads. That chair looks so much bigger now! And this guy also lost more than half of his body weight along his journey. All we can do is slowly clap for his birthday and get a gym membership right away.

15. “I had to post because I finally reached my first goal, my pre-pregnancy weight.”

We absolutely love that this woman was able to keep her curves, she looks absolutely stunning! So many women are struggling with baby weight, but she proved it is possible to get rid of it. We wish her luck on the rest of her journey!

Have you ever been on a weight loss journey, and if so how long did it take you to reach your goal?

Preview photo credit a_h_m / reddit


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