16 People Who Proved Anything Can Fit Inside a Small Jar

2 years ago

When the spaces in our home are very small, the best thing to do is to smartly use every inch of the place. There are many options to manage this. For instance, you can extend the shelves, use the corners, look inside the steps, stools and other furniture of the nest. The thing is to look for gaps and get creative.

Now I’ve Seen Everything admires people who have a talent for organizing everything without wasting a single free space, that’s why this list is dedicated to them and their tips, which could inspire you in the future.

1. “My jungle bathroom is finally finished, might be too busy for some but I love it.”

2. “Used wasted space in pantry. Way more organized.”

3. “I organised my nail polish by brand using spice racks which I screwed onto the inside of my wardrobe.”

4. “I built a pull-out medicine cupboard in the wasted space behind the shower and over the toilet.”

5. “A kitchen rack to fill 6.5” of wasted space next to the stove"

6. “Built-in bunk beds. First time I did something like that with my own hands.”

7. You can fill the magnetic jars with spices and place them on the refrigerator as magnets.

8. “I love playing music as a hobby and I’m so happy to finally have a semi-organized space for my instruments!”

9. “I command-stripped the back of my linen closet door :)”

10. “I’ve never been so excited to cook now that I can see all my spices! My dad made this spice rack for my birthday and I love it!”

11. “This ladder belonged to my grandfather who recently passed away. I’m so grateful to have this beautiful piece of him to remind me of him everyday!”

12. “My small bathroom under sink organization — use of walls and inside of cabinet doors”

13. “Challenged to prove not all cosy places need money. Here’s my box room, sorry for the patchy photo.”

14. “Bed/Dresser/Fort by combining Kura, Tarva, and Eket”

15. “I am going back to school so my fiancé turned a closet into an office for me!”

16. “Very satisfying fix in a closet-free studio apartment. Half pantry half cleaning closet!”

And you, are you good at adding space into your home? How do you make the most of the nooks and crannies in your bedroom, bathroom, living room, or kitchen?

Preview photo credit BachFan1989 / Reddit


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