16 Photos That Will Make You Feel the World Is Playing Tricks on You

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A wise quote says “We must not allow the clock and the calendar to blind us to the fact that each moment of life is a miracle and mystery.” This makes so much sense once you realize that it’s the small things that make life happy and joyful. You don’t need to wait for something massive to happen, but instead focus on everyday occurrences. You will be surprised to see how many wonderful and unusual things you will start seeing.

1. “Found this 1999 ’vintage’ Thinking Chair from Blues Clues.”

2. “This golf course places their trash cans in the ground to prevent bears from getting them.”

3. “The top cookie was upside down.”

4. “NY coffee shop dumps grinds in flowerbed.”

5. “I have this thing called Raynaud’s disease. This happens every time I get cold.”

6. “The rib sandwich is vegetarian.”

7. “This alligator resting its head on a turtle.”

8. “Anyone lost a bag?”

9. “Found homemade limo in my parking lot at work”

10. “The head size difference between a man and a cane corso.”

11. “Mcdonald’s mural in Qatar used an odd green color for the eggs and hash browns that looks like mold.”

12. It looks like they used the wallpaper to cover the pillow.

13. “These chickens getting ready for bed in a tree.”

14. “This free chair you can’t sit on”

15. “My toaster shot my toast out so hard that it got impaled on my dishes.”

16. “This container sweating soy sauce.”

What is the weirdest sights you’ve ever seen or the most unusual thing that has happened around you?


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