20+ Satisfying Photos That Are a Perfectionist’s Dream

2 years ago

A heart-shaped feather, an unusually straight banana, or a perfectly swirled ice cream cone can sometimes make our day and make us feel special. Mother Nature is an expert when it comes to designing flawless things, and we can’t help but be in awe of them and even try to snap a pic now and then.

Perfectionists, gather round, because Now I’ve Seen Everything found some instances that will tickle you to pieces.

1. “The refraction rainbow from my glass shower door lined up perfectly with the water stream in my sink.”

2. “This ice cream cone was perfectly swirled.”

3. “The inside structure of this plant”

4. “These bottle caps that fit perfectly in the holes of these ornaments”

5. “The way they put the fence together”

6. “A Hollywood car chase waiting to happen”

7. “My first attempt at ratatouille”

8. “The way my sister decorated this tiramisu”

9. “This hand sanitizer with absolutely no bubbles in it”

10. “Just finished giving my lawn a haircut.”

11. “Our electrician left all of the screws in a vertical position in our new kitchen.”

12. “This shadow fits perfectly into the path.”

13. “The light opening in the building’s design fits perfectly with the car’s dimensions.”

14. “These 3 bookcases fit perfectly in my trailer.”

15. “The Homer Simpson in my welcome mat fits the floor tile perfectly.”

16. “This unusually straight banana”

17. “My dog decided to sniff my sheets and left a perfect nose-shaped mark behind.”

18. “This perfect star inside a twig I found”

19. “The way my kitchen lights create a perfect gradient grid shadow in this box”

20. “The perfect heart on this feather!”

Which photo made you feel all serene with its perfection?

Preview photo credit NeonChurch / Reddit


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