17 Objects That Hid Something Completely Different Inside Them

2 years ago

You probably have things you use every day that you’ve used so many times you know them by heart now. But what if one day you find that your favorite game die has another die inside? Maybe you cut open a watermelon to find a tongue, or you discover your dog’s favorite toy is made from a recycled plastic bottle. Clearly, not everything is as it seems.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we want to show you some objects and foods that hid crazy surprises inside.

1. “I had an egg inside my egg.”

2. “Good guy die manufacturer. Puts die in your die so when your die dies you have a new die.”

3. “I broke a yard decoration of two frogs and found a pig playing guitar inside.”

4. “The inside of this air mattress looks like an alien cave.”

5. “My brother dropped a watermelon and there was a tongue inside.”

6. “All of this was inside a baseball.”

7. “Pregnant bell pepper”

8. “The core of this rope is recycled diapers.”

9. “Newspaper print inside fried chicken”

10. “My fortune cookie came with two fortunes.”

11. “The inside of an aloe vera bottle looks like a space shuttle.”

12. “My dog’s toy had a recycled water bottle inside it.”

13. “I cut this super glue out of its plastic container (US) and found a Russian variety.”

14. “I ripped up my old phone case to discover it’s made of a Macau beer mat.”

15. “Was cutting down a tree at a golf course and found a golf ball wedged in it.”

16. “Had to cut a sunflower in half today at work.”

17. “My dog finally chewed through his Christmas present toy and this unhappy ball was inside!”

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever found inside another object?

Preview photo credit sansonmr / Reddit


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