18 Pics That Prove Grandparents Are the Heart and Soul of Every Family

year ago

Grandparents bring a special kind of love and joy into the family. There are also several reasons why it’s important to have “Gramps” and “Nana” in our lives — the wisdom and perspective they provide us, the unconditional love they shower on us, and the special connection they build with their grandkids.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered some of the sweetest grandparent photos shared by people on the internet, and they prove that grandpas and grandmas are truly the best people in the world.

1. “My Grandpa eating a sweet strawberry”

2. “Grandma’s first attempt at a selfie”

3. “My 91-year-old Grandpa asked to switch hats for a photo... ’So I can be ‘cool’ like you!’”

4. This grandpa finally got a job after trying for years and loves his new uniform.

5. “My 95-year-old grandpa with his old buddy, Fred”

6. “His granddaughter carries his photo everywhere, but it got destroyed. My mom made her a doll of grandpa instead.”

7. “My daughter got this life-sized Elsa doll and her great-grandma didn’t want to let it go.”

8. “This is my puppy, Coco, whenever grandma comes over.”

9. “My great-grandma turned 96 yesterday. She still goes line dancing every Saturday night with her (younger) boyfriend.”

10. “Grandpa turned 100 today. Grandma turns 101 next month. They have been together since 1943.”

11. “Grandma came to visit LJ and she could barely pick him up, he’s gotten so big. I reminded her he’s going to grow for another 2 years.”

12. “3-year-old playing with her 93-year-old great Grandpa”

13. “My grandma after refusing to get a dog”

14. “Grandpa is happy with his lettuce harvest.”

15. This man thought it’d be funny to catch his granddad sleeping on vacation — until he made the same mistake.

16. “My adorable Grandma standing under a rhododendron her mom planted over 45 years ago for her.”

17. “My wife’s mom recently passed and she found this. Her grandmother made it with all three generations.”

18. “I took my 96-year-old grandma to the petting zoo today. She made a new friend!”

What is your favorite memory of your grandparents? What do you want to be like when you’re a grandparent?

Preview photo credit danspud** / Reddit


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