20 Times We Couldn’t Decide If the Person Is Super Lazy or a Total Genius

year ago

Some people would come up with brilliant solutions in order to avoid doing a little extra effort. Whether it is because they lack the energy, patience or resources these witty people prove that there is not a single ’’right’’ way of doing things. After all, our brain is our most powerful tool, and it we put our imagination to good use, we can find unique ways to solve our issues and perhaps add some humor to the day as well.

Now I’ve Seen Everything believes that life would be too boring if we all did things the same way. Here are some people who dared to be different and we’re not sure if they did it out of creativity or pure laziness.

1. ’’My Halloween costume.’’

2. ’’This is how lazy our facilities guys are.’’

3. “Landlord painted over a penny.”

4. ’’It’s my dad’s birthday today. I was too lazy to get him a proper card.’’

5. “Put the advert up, boss.”

6. “The floor I work on ordered some sugar and none of the packs were sealed.”

7. “My boyfriend ordered an egg and cheese bagel.”

8. ’’I left my Christmas lights up. Laziness paid off for once.’’

9. “I found this in my hotel room.”

10. “I had ordered chocolate chip pancakes and got regular ones. I asked for the correct order and this is what happened.”

11. “In my school”

12. Problem is solved, boss.

13. These labels on the heels.

14. “Also, the switch doesn’t work!”

15. “Our company now has 900 of these pens.”

16. “Next level fashion”

17. “There are no pipes to the sinks in my school so it just drops water on the floor.”

18. Yes, it’s snshi and ramen.

19. “Motel rooms vibes”

20. ’’I didn’t feel like getting the wrapping paper in my car, so I found some clothes I didn’t wear anymore.’’

Which picture did you like the most? Are you a lazy person?

Preview photo credit beingginger/Imgur


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