17 Pictures Your Brain Will Immediately Deem Peculiar

6 months ago

How often have you caught yourself looking at something and feeling like it doesn’t belong there? Or that maybe it looks completely weird and abnormal? Well, these moments happen to all of us and more often than we usually remember. Maybe these 17 pictures that follow will bring back some of those feelings.

1. “This crane looks like it’s wearing my sneakers.”

2. “It’s just the tree, mate.”

3. “I’m double-jointed.”

4. “Skipped leg day...”

5. “It was so shiny, it was confusing to drive behind.”

6. “A goblin spying on me during a plane trip”

7. “A soulless being or...”

8. “It took me a while to realize she wasn’t in mid-air.”

9. Something has grown abnormally on this kid.

10. “My son under a giant Canadian inuksuk”

11. “My grandma sent me this photo today.”

12. How many paws can you count?

13. “Pumping up the cat”

14. “The Ring”

15. “A woman stuck to a man”

16. Are we seeing eye to eye...to eye?

17. “Cat impaled”

Perspective can completely change our view on things and present arms as legs, for example. We know by just looking at them that something is wrong, but sometimes we can’t find a way to explain what is really happening.


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