18 Brief, Precious Moments That Tell a Whole Story

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It may be true that a picture can tell a whole story. However, there are times when it’s not the story behind the picture, but a brief moment that can be much more valuable. Whether it’s because our eyes are not as sharp, or because there are simply things that happen too fast, sometimes a single picture can do justice to anecdotes that, without the visual evidence, might not be as impactful.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we know that life is made up of moments. Some are good, some are bad, and others are simply funny or hard to believe, like the ones we’re sharing with you below.

1. “The fall of the paella”

2. “My brother got slapped by a fish!”

3. “A photo of me while I was doing keepie uppies”

4. The wind made him lose his style.

5. At least the selfie came out good.

6. “The moment my dog saw a bee fly by”

7. “I dropped my fish mid-picture.”

8. “A man is levitating in our photo.”

9. All celebrities have their Walk of Fame, and she’ll have a “Parking Lot of Fame.”

10. We will remember that camera for this good photo.

11. Thor was watching this fight.

12. When nature is in sync

13. This is how magicians play cards.

14. “My husband thought it was a good idea to pick me up while standing dangerously close to the creek after our wedding.”

15. “It looks like she’s doing a handstand on water.”

16. They say that butterflies are very ugly if you look at them closely.

17. You are an experienced cyclist when you can talk on the phone and pedal with only one wheel.

18. There’s something about bees that makes them like getting into photos.

What is the greatest coincidence you’ve ever captured on camera?

Preview photo credit aeriecircus / Reddit


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