22 Confusing Pics That Are Like Riddles Begging to be Solved

year ago

These pictures tricked our eyes into believing they were something else, all thanks to the angle or timing of when the image was taken. Sometimes, our imaginations play a part in the illusion too. But all we need to do is to take a closer look, until we eventually figure out their clever ruse.

1. “Managed the perfect timing when the soap bubble flew between the camera and the kiddo.”

2. Interesting perspective

3. “Not a 2 headed cat”

4. A rock or...

5. A dog doing dog stuff

6. “I love his pants and suspenders.”

7. “I took this at the beach, I still feel that the footsteps are coming out, not in.”

8. “A single photo of some trees and water”

9. There’s tea in there.

10. “The cows are long in France.”

11. “Doubledog”

12. “My son catching a football, when another flew right in front of my camera.”

13. “Found a toad with another toad on its head.”

14. There’s no water in this picture.

15. “One of the Coke cans in the crate I just bought”

16. “Accidentally cut open a cheap kids baseball with my lawn mower.”

17. “This unusual statue”

18. “Jimmy fell asleep beneath the cat cushion a few weeks ago, and I nearly had a heart attack.”

19. “2-headed giraffe”

20. “These tinted windows make it look like we’re in the ocean.”

21. “Flying bus”

22. “Banana flower... I think?”

Do you have an interesting photo that would make people have a second look? Share them in the comments section.


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