15+ People Whose Thrifting Skills Are Worth a Million Bucks

2 years ago

Thrift stores are not just good for your wallet, they can do wonders for your soul too if you happen to score a rare find. And these lucky people definitely came out of the shop brimming with joy and pride, thanks to their cheap — but amazing — purchases.

Now I’ve Seen Everything rounded up photos of these impressive bargains, and they might just convince you to pay a visit to the nearest thrift store.

1. “My thrift store find. Emerald and diamond, 18-karat gold ring for $16”

2. “Picked up this (possibly vintage?) dress yesterday! It was 25% off so I paid less than $5!”

3. “My formal men’s shoes that I’ve thrifted over the years.”

4. “Found a Van Gogh classics, 4-piece, fine bone china mug set for $7!”

5. “I couldn’t give Goodwill my $5.99 for this vintage lamp fast enough. This is my best find from 2021 so far!”

6. “Scored a brand new Stenströms button-up for $10. Original price is $190!”

7. “Danish mid-century rosewood secretary desk for $23. Even as a veteran thrifter, this was unbelievably special.”

8. “Found one of my white whales yesterday for only $39! I’m head over heels for this chair.”

9. “Entire outfit is thrifted. It probably retails around $325/350 if all bought new. I paid around $20 total.”

10. “My mom thrifted these for me about 10 years ago. I still think they’re stunning and I think of her whenever I use them.”

11. “Dyson vacuum for $50!”

12. “I finally found Dr. Marten’s. In my size. I could literally cry!”

13. “Ann Taylor duster and tailored pants for $10!”

14. “I got this huge fancy gold mirror at an estate sale this weekend for $30.”

15. “Got this Tundra Canada sweater for $1 at a yard sale.”

16. “Vintage Christian Dior choker priced $19.99, but the lady at the counter changed the tag to $14.99!”

17. “The coolest retro lamp found on FB Marketplace for $25. I’m obsessed.”

18. “Found this amazing vintage ’70s jacket in a free pile on the street! Can’t believe someone threw this out!”

19. “Watermelon picnic basket! Literally my heart melted when my eye caught this one at Goodwill.”

20. “I think I have peaked. Brand new authentic Coach bag for $30!”

Do you like thrift hunting? What is your most precious find so far? What is the “white whale” that you are dreaming to find in a thrift store?

Preview photo credit urmomspotaytoes / reddit


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