18 Designers Who’ve Clearly Chosen the Dark Side of the Force

2 years ago

According to statistics, each year the number of new business applications is growing: in 2010, there were 2.5 million of them, in 2020 — there were 4.38 million. With such large numbers, it’s no surprise that we as consumers have a lot to choose from. What’s more, not all manufacturers are completely honest, which can equal slim pickings for good quality products.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything prepared a compilation full of items that both annoyed us and made us laugh at the same time.

1. Tilted benches in a food court, so customers will leave sooner

2. “A lot” of chocolate in this ice cream sandwich

3. This “environmentally friendly” pen

4. “This Bluetooth USB adapter with a fake antenna.”

5. “My sister got this for her birthday.”

6. “I want my money back.”

7. “Taco pizza... but only if you have all the ingredients at home.”

8. “Tricked by the packaging of my moisturizing cream”

9. Standing seats for budget flyers

10. “I can’t buy single-use plastic bags at the supermarket anymore, but companies get away with stuff like this.”

11. Box full of Turkish Delight

12. “My pot has a fake drip tray so it’s easy to overwater. Probably saved them $0.15 per pot to not drill a hole.”

13. “My phone puts watermarks on my photos.”

14. “The amount of ‘variety’ in candy.”

15. Not a very nutritious sandwich...

16. “Bought this for my 3-year-old. ‘THE CLAW’ is a print out.”

17. One of the blocks isn’t one of the blocks...

18. This “dual” camera smartphone doesn’t have 2 functioning cameras.

Have you fallen for these tricks? Maybe you have some photos of your own to share?

Preview photo credit Funnyonol / reddit


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