18 Extraordinary Finds That Left People Stunned

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On average, millions of scientific research papers are published every year. This just goes to show that despite our modern technology and vast knowledge, there are still a lot of things that we don’t know about our world. And that there is so much more to explore in our environment and in the universe.

The 18 people on this list may not be rocket scientists, but they have their fair share of humble “discoveries,” interesting finds or cool trivia. And we at Now I’ve Seen Everything are here to share them all with you.

1. “My chicken laid a wrinkled egg.”

2. “The result of a moose scratching its antlers against a tree during shedding season”

3. “Me demonstrating how big traffic signals actually are”

4. “This tree fell down, refused to die, and grew back up.”

5. “This is what a raven’s mouth looks like.”

6. “Huge moth found in Sweden.”

7. “My friend found this lemon today amongst normal lemons.”

8. This little bird wearing a rainbow as a dress, complete with rainbow bangs.

9. “Rainbow on the horizon. Origin is behind the curve.”

10. Photographer Nejib Ahmed surprised a spotted deer wearing 2 beautiful birds as antler decorations.

11. “An incredibly rare tri-clawed lobster”

12. “This Starfish looking like it belongs in a sea of lava.”

13. “Last summer I found out a 2-tailed gecko.”

14. “Lizard shaped hole in the sidewalk”

15. “The inside of a pine cone”

16. “My rescued morphed axolotls have a gene that makes them glow green under black light.”

17. “Eclipse shadows through a tree”

18. “These sharks were sleeping near the shore”

If you could put together a real “Book of Wow,” what would you like to put on its cover? Have you ever taken a picture of something rare that you’d like to share with us? Leave them in the comments and let’s spread the wow!

Preview photo credit Awfyboy / Reddit


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