18 Pics That Scream Happiness in Every Language

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Happiness is a lot easier to achieve than we think, and every single day is full of opportunities to spread a smile on our faces. Whether it is our beloved pet caught in a goofy moment, a simple hug from a loved one or a random act of kindness. After all, it is true that the tiniest pleasures in life are the ones that bring us the biggest satisfaction and the most treasurable memories.

Now I’ve Seen Everything believes that no day should pass without a good laugh and a bunch of genuine smiles. We want to share some pics that are guaranteed to boost your mood in seconds.

1. ’’He looks like he told his favorite joke and he’s so proud of himself.’’

2. “Nothing quite like the glow of a grateful rescue dog.”

3. “My dad finally upgraded his phone and is now traveling and taking selfies everywhere — he looks so happy.”

4. “What a happy boy!”

5. ’’My mom’s Doberman gave birth to this cute muffin.’’

6. “This little guy surprised me.”

7. “One of the orangutans at my zoo recently had a baby. Here he is in all his glory.”

8. “Allow me to play you the song of my people.”

9. “A dog with a birthday balloon”

10. “My partner was finally able to bring home his puppy. It’s all love here.”

11. “It was love at first derp.”

12. “Nap and cuddle time”

13. “My son and his Froot Loops”

14. “Giving everyone I ride by Halloween smiles”

15. “I hadn’t seen this guy in 4 years. Drove down and surprised him last week.”

16. “A barn owl flew into our warehouse. Finally caught it and set it free. Came for the forklifts, stayed for the hugs.”

17. “Hey, I’m new, can I sit here?”

18. ’’My husband on the happiest day of his life.’’

Have you ever had such precious moments yourself? Do they make you smile every time you remember them or look at some photos? Please share your stories with us all.

Preview photo credit spacewolfgrace / reddit


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