20 Show-Stopping Objects That Made Us Scream ’’Oh no!’’ in All Languages

year ago

Some objects seem to exist just to make us react. And even though they might not have a real function or be unpractical to use, their simple presence alone would be enough. After all they might look disturbing or tacky at first, but these eccentric designs might grow on us and even become our favorite belonging with time.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is a big fan on unique things that have their own special identity. We’ll share with you some objects that will give a nice boost to your imagination.

1. And they cost $180

2. They have character

3. “This mascot that’s meant to be a mascot of dentistry where I live”

4. “Found this gem while exploring an antique store with my parents.”

5. “An Oregon Trail-themed bedroom”

6. “I post this with nothing but love for it.”

7. “These shoes I found today”

8. “This corn plane in the Atlanta airport”

9. “Ribbed for your pleasure — meet the LOBS.”

10. ’’These Campbell’s tomato soup shoes I received for Christmas years ago.’’

11. “Saw this during a home tour.”

12. “The coolest thing I’ve ever peed in”

13. “Guys, what am I looking at?”

14. A very fancy-looking Transformer car

15. Someone got a funny idea for these old jeans they weren’t wearing.

16. “Just give me a ’quack’ and we can go on a world tour.”

17. “I really get a kick when I see this table. Don’t know about you.”

18. She’s sassy

19. Got my eye on you

20. For special calls

Describe a situation when designers threw you a massive curveball. What’s the weirdest thing you have found recently?


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