18 Times People Couldn’t Be Happier to Spread Their Love to the World

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There are people out there who like helping others more than helping themselves. Maybe they were born with this attribute or maybe they just enjoy knowing that their good deeds will make someone’s life better. They also like making sure that the world becomes a better place for everyone to live in. They don’t take anything for granted and they see the bigger picture, which doesn’t include only themselves.

Generosity doesn’t only exist between friends and family, but also between strangers, and Now I’ve Seen Everything has many examples of that.

1. “My grandfather built a floating dock for turtles in the lake by their house and the turtles love it.”

2. “Some good bro left a bed and a blanket for a freezing pup.”

3. “My 64-year-old mother-in-law’s first time in the ocean”

4. The story of a spider being set free in 3 parts.

5. “My new friend ... all thanks to mumbai rains.”

6. “Girl hugging Llama.”

7. “This little girl came to an old man’s rescue when his Yeti rolled under the shelf.”

8. “Every other weekend, since 2007, my family acts as a host family for my mentally disabled nephew.”

9. “This senior was struggling with his oxygen tank. The guy on the right took his time to ensure the tank was working properly.”

10. This man picked up the dog and saved it right before the ground fell due to the water.

11. “I saw a mother duck looking at her baby who had fallen down into a hole. I rescued the baby duck and reunited them.”

12. “This hedgehog came out to see us. Due to the very hot weather in Belgium, we thought it was thirsty and it was. Cat also approves!”

13. “This guy lets stray dogs sleep in his store so they can cool down in hot weather.”

14. “Need a plant? Take a plant. Have a plant? ‘Leaf’ a plant.”

15. “A fountain that also provides water for animals.”

16. “My local grade school installed a provisions box for those in need.”

17. “My stepdad helping out an elderly woman in the recent flooding.”

What has been the most generous thing you’ve seen someone doing or that you’ve done for others, even if they were strangers?

Preview photo credit AdroitPassione / Reddit


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