18 Times When Fruits and Vegetables Decided to Go Against the Flow

2 years ago

Most fruits and vegetables are recognizable by the majority of people around the world based on how they look. A small change in color or shape will make us wonder whether this is the same product we’ve been using for so many years. But, sometimes nature works in mysterious ways and creates plants with highly unusual exterior appearances.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is in awe of nature and how its elements manage to diversify and differentiate themeselves from the usual.

1. “Neighbor’s lemon tree grew a long one.”

2. Is this a Paleolithic Venus figurine?

3. StrawBEARy

4. This ginger is almost ready to sing a song from The Little Mermaid.

5. Sweet duck-tato

6. No tomato in sight, just a little bunny.

7. “Opened up a garlic clove with the texture and feel of a gummy bear.”

8. This eggplant is flexing to show off its muscles.

9. “I grew this happy little fella.”

10. “A potato my girlfriend and I had the pleasure of meeting.”

11. “This cherry tomato’s horns make it look like a rabbit with a hat.”

12. “My first cayenne pepper is nearly a perfect circle.”

13. “An accidental hybrid zucchini grown in the garden”

14. High-five this carrot hand!

15. Mango? More like flamango.

16. A funny little guy whose nose grows when he lies.

17. “This giant beet from my garden looks like a heart.”

18. “How this little topknot of an orange looks like an exploding pumpkin.”

Have you ever grown something so extraordinary in your garden? We would really appreciate it if you could share their pictures with us.


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