18 Unusual Sights That Will Be Difficult to Forget Anytime Soon

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study revealed that the average person has about 6,000 thoughts per day. This means a ton of ideas pass through our brains during our waking hours. But sometimes, we come across sights or items that are just so strange, that they raise many questions and they end up staying in our thoughts longer.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found 18 people who shared photos of their weird or unbelievable finds, and these things will definitely make you ask “Why?”

1. “Saw this in my kid’s doctor’s office.”

2. When all you want to do is go camping and relax.

3. “I thought this was a piece of painted-over tape stuck to a bookshelf. Peeled it up to find it was concealing a mystery.”

4. “Went to my girlfriend’s parent’s house for the first time. My hands are still wet.”

5. So, they gave you this pizza without a box?

6. “Saw this guy in class today, and yes, that is cheese.”

7. “I work for a scooter company, and need to retrieve this one in order to proceed with my route.”

8. When a friend visits and wants to play games with you.

9. “Found this creepy clown shower.”

10. “Slice of sushi pizza, made in Brazil.”

11. Multiple wasp nests merged into one.

12. “The street light needed some shade.”

13. “New prototype ‘economy’ airline seats.”

14. “Think I’ve just found the world’s longest swirly fry.”

15. “I think I’ll park somewhere else.”

16. “This bike I saw outside a grocery store.”

17. “Walked in the in-law’s guest bedroom and saw this.”

18. “My wife eats apples from the bottom... including the core.”

What is the most memorable thing that your eyes have ever witnessed? Try and give us the most detailed description you can.

Preview photo credit thatbirdwithloudfeet / reddit


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