18 Talented People Who Turn Everything They Touch to Gold

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Some people are lucky to have a wild imagination as well as crafty hands to execute their eccentric ideas. And while some say that you’re either born with a creative talent or not, we would argue that no work of art can be made without hours of training. After all, from the most impressive architectural structures to the tiniest origami art, no artist was able to create their masterpiece without days of sweat and sacrifice.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is fascinated by talented people, and most of all by their patience and perseverance. We’ll share with you 18 pieces that scream creativity in all languages.

1. ’’I made this plunge neck corset out of pillow cases!’’

2. ’’I made this origami koi fish. It took me 3 days and all of my patience.’’

3. ’’I made a fairy dress.’’

4. A smart way to recycle old tires

5. “It can carry a person up to 143 pounds.”

6. ’’I love making classic shoes in extraordinary colors.’’

7. “Man-made birds’ nests”

8. “Toasting some sesame seeds, and when I stopped swirling the pan, Pac-Man appeared.”

9. “In Groningen, earthquakes happen regularly. This house found a very creative way of dealing with the damages.”

10. “A guy made this T-Rex entirely from snow in Minnesota.”

11. “First Halloween using my walker for my chronic pain, so I had to think a bit outside the box.”

12. “This snow castle in someone’s front yard”

13. A dragon cake like no other

14. When street art reaches the highest possible level.

15. “Our tree was about to fall, so my dad decided to get a little creative.”

16. “In London, creating a drawing typed on my ’70s typewriter.”

17. When a security frog is watching your every move:

18. ’’My daughter’s crayon version of Starry Night.’’

What is the most creative and wonderful thing you’ve seen around or that you’ve created? We would love to see what it is.


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