15 People Whose Discoveries Hit Them Right in the Heart

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We sometimes buy expensive tickets to attend shows or concerts that would drive us into the world of amusement. But sometimes, we may get so lucky that we don’t have to spend a dollar to see a tremendous show. And the director of this amusement is our life. Our today’s heroes have a solid proof that life is the best show maker and they shared their discoveries with us.
Now I’ve Seen Everything wants to show you 15 people that had a surprise so vibrant that their day made a 180-degree turn.

1. “Found a coin stuck in my daughter’s cast.”

2. “Shark tooth”

3. “I cut into a cantaloupe and the inside was square.”

4. “Uncle’s eye healed after corneal transplant surgery”

5. “This is the worst picture ever taken of me.”

6. “An ant ate my reed.”

7. “Lady on my flight wore her camouflage shoes.”

8. “My son is only 5 days old and already has seen some life.”

9. “Piece of burl wood from an Oak tree I found on the ground”

10. “Found a super reflective jacket at a store.”

11. “My lava lamp looks sorta like an explosion.”

12. “A tomato from our garden got a crack and stitched itself.”

13. “The deer on my mom’s property had an albino baby!”

14. “The residue of black paint mixed with my white paint and made a little forest.”

15. “Cool VW I saw today”

What was the most surprising thing you saw this week? Drop a comment.

Preview photo credit sillygoosed / Imgur, bjbark / Imgur


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