19 Pets That Forgot They’re Huge

year ago

Many parents’ “puppies” or “kittens” seemingly never grow up before their eyes. It is difficult to accept that our puppy is no longer a puppy and that we have a big boy in its place. The only solution is to ignore reality and pretend they are still babies.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we can relate to the above description, and even more so with the following compilation of images emanating colossal puppy vibes.

1. “He won’t stop growing — send help.”

2. “Once a lap dog, always a lap dog.”

3. “Say hello to my little friend...”

4. “My 80-pound malamute still likes to be held as well.”

5. Samson and a full-size cat for reference

6. “She firmly believes she’s a lap dog...”

7. “My dad and his Maine Coon, Buba!”

8. “This is Maynard. He is my best friend, and soon he will be 3.”

9. “My buddy’s cat is almost as tall as he is. Reddit, meet Zach and Marty.”

10. “Big ol’ dog.”

11. “He decided that he identifies as a lap dog.”

12. “Saw a gentle giant at the vets! She was a darling and sat down with her owner while they waited.”

13. “In Honor of Take Your Dog To Work Day, meet our 130-pound lap dog.”

14. “My dad and my dog (dad is 6’2”)."

15. He just wants to be pampered.

16. The moment your dog realizes he can no longer be a lap dog.

17. “Once a lap dog, always a lap dog.”

18. “My dog thinks he’s a lap dog when my grandma stops by.”

19. “Meet Carl the 150-pound Lion/Good Boy hybrid.”

If you had an extra-large pet, what name would you give it? Would it be a dog or a cat?


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