16 Times Companies Didn’t Realize How Egregious Their Packaging Was

year ago

While many people and the media keep telling us how to be more conscious of our waste, some companies seem not to care. That’s why we see things being unnecessarily packaged individually or packaged when not needed at all. Also, one massive problem is mail orders that are being placed in large boxes when a small envelope would do.

1. “Soda cans are very fragile.”

2. Wouldn’t it be nice if bananas already had their own natural packaging?

3. Clearly organic, duh!

4. “My chef saved $2.50/300 units if they come individually wrapped. So I spent the first hour of my shift unwrapping them.”

5. “Individually packaged slice of bread.”

6. Really glad my made from recycled materials & biodegradable sponges came wrapped together and individually in plastic.

7. This is for a .05 oz container of concealer.

8. 50 feet of paper for one bag of kitty litter

9. “A specific carton just for a single egg.”

10. “You sit on a throne of lies.”

11. Amazon, why do you do this?

12. This was sold as a “fruit cup”.

13. I wish cans could have some kind of protective cover...

14. A huge box, just for some gum

15. “Pens for my work that are each individually wrapped in plastic.”

16. “Peeled avocados wrapped in plastic.”

Preview photo credit DarthSkat / Reddit


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