20 Animals That Carved a Special Place in Their Humans’ Hearts

2 years ago

Pet owners understand how useless it is to try to resist the charms of their fur babies. The way they cuddle or get excited when their humans come home or stare at us with those big, puppy eyes — their actions are overflowing with so much affection that we can’t help but give all that love back to them as well.

Now I’ve Seen Everything wants to add a ray of sunshine to your day, so we rounded up 20 of the sweetest pet photos we found on the internet.

1. “Our cat has been glued to my boyfriend since we returned home from a week-long trip.”

2. “She came back to the front door with a new friend.”

3. “Found this little girl in a parking lot last month. She loves to rest in my arms.”

4. “The way our rescue pup looks at my husband”

5. “He always climbs up for a hug after his naps.”

6. “My brother’s daughter and new puppy are already best buds, they even have matching outfits!”

7. “My golden brings me this old rug every time I come home to wish me a warm welcome.”

8. “He found my wife’s hood.”

9. “Double aww!”

10. “My daughter with our third rescue pupper”

11. “We raised a shoulder cat.”

12. “Them puppy eyes”

13. “I’m doing homework, and then I see this.”

14. “My dog always comforts my crying baby.”

15. “That’s not a shoulder cat, it’s a shoulder puma!”

16. “My dog cuddling with me on the chair while I study”

17. “She was purrrty proud of my accomplishment.”

18. “The way this good boy is asking for food”

19. The new work supervisor for today

20. “My wife just sent me this picture of our daughter and cat. I’m crying at work!”

Are your pets glued to you whenever you’re home? We’d be happy to see your pictures and comments in the section below.

Preview photo credit ninefortysix / reddit


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