20+ Designers Who Gave an Inventive Twist to Everyday Objects

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There are thousands of objects that we rely on every day and that we are accustomed to use in a certain way. However, some designers dare to go out of the ordinary and thanks to their creativity they manage to turn them into something more beautiful, more functional, and more simple at the same time.

Now I’ve Seen Everything wants to show you some common things that, thanks to small modifications full of originality, became surprisingly functional. At the end of the article you will find a cool bonus.

1. “These straws made out of pasta so they don’t dissolve like paper.”

2. “This spray bottle with markings to help mix different concentrations.”

3. “The drain is right under the soap dispenser so it doesn’t stain the sink.”

4. “This bread knife in a Swiss restaurant has a silhouette of the major peaks in Switzerland.”

5. “The restaurant bathroom has hand soap for before you eat and after you eat.”

6. “McDonalds in my country used this lid to replace straws.”

7. “Electronic travel kiosk in Hong Kong has ’normal mode’ and ’elderly mode’”

8. Hairdressing apron with a special pocket for a cell phone

9. “My country’s airport has banana peels as cones to warn you about wet floors.”

10. “My pickle jar has a plastic insert to raise the pickles out of the brine.”

11. “This foldable bench”

12. “These parking spots have overhead lights to show if they’re available or not.”

13. “The bathrooms at Chinook Centre in Calgary have soap (left), water (middle), and the dryer (right) coming from the same bar over each sink. So smart.”

14. “My bank’s ATM has buttons that adjust its height depending on your car’s height.”

15. “This Nescafe drink cover has a built in smart phone holder”

16. “The base of these lamps have USB ports for charging your phone. Actually really convenient.”

17. “Parking spot for dogs”

18. “Airport pay phone stations have been repurposed to free charging stations”

19. “A shopping cart modded for Canadian winters.”

20. “This kinetic sidewalk generates electricity when you walk on it.”

21. “Whey container has a proper scoop holder which prevents having to dig through it and have sticky hands and risk contamination”

22. “I got this stylus pen at work today and there is a 64GB flash drive built into the cap.”

23. “This bathroom sink has a water fountain attachment.”

24. “Flashlight attachment for 9 volt battery”

25. “This flat fire extinguisher I found.”

26. “There are bins along cycle paths in the Netherlands which allow you to throw out rubbish without slowing down.”

27. “The new house my parents bought has a secret room hidden under the stairs.”

Bonus: “My local coffee shop recycles milk containers as carry trays.”

And you, have you recently come across any interesting objects?

Preview photo credit htplex / Reddit, droo46 / Reddit


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