20+ Designs That Were So Bad That They Actually Gave Us a Good Laugh

2 years ago

Indeed, it is not easy to create a successful design. But sometimes it is even harder to come up with a design so bad that it exceeds any definition of failure and becomes outright absurd. And while a terribly designed object is pretty much useless, sometimes we find it hard to get rid of it. Because we’d rather preciously preserve it as a curious decorative item reminding us that life can sometimes be even more surreal than a movie.

Now I’ve Seen Everything wants to share with you some curious and fascinating designs that give a new meaning to the word ’’failure’’.

1. ’’They built this school like one month ago.’’

2. ’’This ’naturally dyed’ baby onesie.’’

3. In this house we...what?

4. “Went to a coworker’s place on a day off; checked the time literally 10 times before realizing...”

5. “My local sink”

6. This can’t be possible.

7. “Found at my school”

8. “Looking great!”

9. “Someone decided to put a mirror in front of the toilet...why?”

10. “These slides at a school have their entrances blocked.”

11. ’’My pan’s handle is too heavy for it to stay flush with the stove top.’’

12. “Smile for the camera — oh, wait.”

13. “This hand sanitizer feels a little oily.”

14. “The designs on these plates that make it look dirty”

15. “75%, 15%, or 10% off?”

16. “How does one even mess up this bad?”

17. ’’This stair in my hotel room.’’

18. “We’re pet friendly, no pets allowed.”

19. ’’The lines printed on my butter dish are soluble in butter.’’

20. “I have no idea what this is supposed to say.”

21. ’’The pattern on my dad’s new shoes make it look like he has stepped in dog poop.’’

Can you decipher any of the images above?

Preview photo credit TKellzzz / Reddit


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