20 Men Who Are Anything but Shadows of Their Former Selves

2 years ago

“Fortune favors the bold,” as the saying goes. And these brave men took their chances at improving their looks and got rewarded handsomely. From shifting to a new hairstyle and trying out skincare to shedding off some extra pounds, these champs successfully evolved into the 2.0 versions of themselves.

Now I’ve Seen Everything loves photos that inspire, so we rounded up 20 before-and-after pics of guys who showed us that progress can come in many forms.

1. “Short hair vs long hair”

2. “Results after 6 months of training”

3. “I’m an albino. I just dyed my eyebrows and stopped cutting my hair short.”

4. “My husband’s makeover”

5. “Weight down, confidence up!”

6. “One year apart. I just changed the haircut.”

7. “About 9 months of work with an international move”

8. “A few years passed before I finally felt confident enough to post my own progress.”

9. “I lost weight and grew a beard.”

10. “I finally decided to chop the flow and couldn’t be happier with the results.”

11. “I still struggle with body image and disordered eating, but today? Today, I’m proud.”

12. This is what happens when you exercise 20 minutes a day for one year.

13. “I struggled with an eating disorder for years, but powerlifting saved me.”

14. “After a lifetime of having ugly teeth, I decided to do something about it. A year in comparison.”

15. “Finally got rid of my messy beard.”

16. “I’m finally happy with my skin.”

17. “Me, wearing shirts. 2017 vs 2020”

18. “I’m never going to be clean-shaven again!”

19. “From 375 lbs to 194 lbs. Starting to feel comfortable in my own skin.”

20. “My 65-year-old dad let me dye his hair purple. I think he looks cute.”

What bold experiments would you dare to try? Or maybe you’ve already made your dream come true? Share your before and after photos in the comments below.

Preview photo credit ordep11 / Reddit


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