20 Men Whose Locks Have Put a Spell on Us

2 years ago

Long hair on men is always a classy choice, and lately, the trend has been growing. It makes no difference to us if men choose to keep their locks down or boldly show off with a man-bun; we are all eyes and ears — mostly eyes, anyway.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered some men who showed us their progress and whose head of hair had us glued to the screen.

1. “Manes are for wild men.”

2. The mustache comes as an extra...

3. “Feeling great today.”

4. “Looking at this pic has legit been the highlight of my day. So gorgeous.”

5. “It is real soft today... haha.”

6. Bouncy curls in the house

7. “I miss the summer sun, but now it’s time to embrace the winter beard. Life keeps flowing along.”

8. “Probably top 5 best hair days I’ve ever had, but I have nowhere to be today. So you all have to look at it...”

9. “Here’s a rare picture of me with my hair down.”

10. “I envy those curls. My hair is straighter than can be.”

11. “Why did I have to cut off my hair before The Witcher got popular?”

12. “I never go anywhere to show off the mane. But you guys will appreciate it, right?”

13. A selfie on the way never hurt anybody...

14. “Released the bun after a long day.”

15. “It might snow today! Stay warm.”

16. “I’ve surpassed my ’goal length,’ but I think I’m gonna keep going with it.”

17. “Letting the lion out!”

18. “3 years of hair growth”

19. “That is a FANTASTIC hair day, brother! Great mustache, too.”

20. “Got told my hair was beautiful at Starbucks.”

Which man(e) made you say, “I want those curls too”? Do you have short hair or long hair? Share a picture with us.

Preview photo credit Ripster99840 / Reddit


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