20+ Pairs of Shoes That Remind Their Owners of a Story to Tell

2 years ago

Objects can often awaken emotional, funny, and even strange memories. For some, shoes have a different meaning and remind them of special moments, like, for example, the day they proposed to their partner or the time they had a funny accident at work.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we gathered testimonials from users whose shoes have a peculiar story to tell.

1. “For a long time, my wedding shoes and a lonely handbag were collecting dust. Now they have met.”

2. “I bought some boots for fall and they broke quickly — wait, yes, they are repaired! But as you may have noticed, only the sole is stitched with thread.”

3. “I bought tennis shoes exactly the same color as my cat.”

4. “My daughter drew these!”

5. “I was given shoes from an old factory that were lying around in a warehouse. They are almost 40 years old. I’m afraid to wear them. I’ll put them on the dresser.”

6. Even the coolest tennis shoes can last a short time.

7. “When I was 9, my dad said no when I begged for a version of these shoes at a store once. Now I’m a grown man and my dad can’t tell me nothin’!”

8. “I walked through high school, college, and grad school in the slippers to the left, now I’ll get to walk into my new job in the new year with the slippers I was gifted on the right!”

9. “One of my kiddos has recently gotten into fancy shoelacing techniques.”

10. “Anyone else tie towels around their shoes to make mopping booties? It’s purely for the purpose of non-simplifying the floor around the bar.”

11. “I love the new Star Wars shoes!”

12. “Anyone else’s birdies like to cuddle up in shoes or is mine just plain weird?!”

13. “Christmas present from my wife: my first cycling shoes and pedals. 2 rides in and loving it, can’t go back now.”

14. “The Grinches under my LED lights 🔥”

15. “Ending the year with an updated pic of my entire collection, 16 years in the game. Also included my wife and daughter’s pairs.”

16. “She said yes!”

17. “When he gets you new Jordans for Christmas but you’re too pregnant to tie them yourself”

18. “Shoes so nice, I bought ’em twice!”

19. “Moments after arriving at the office, my shoes decided to take the day off.”

20. “My wife regretfully sold her Obsidians last year to fund Xmas gifts for me, and today for Valentine’s Day, I was able to bring them back.”

21. “My mother got me these before I was born and forgot about them. 30 years later, she found them in time for my daughter to wear them.”

22. “They said I could bring a prop for the last picture.”

23. “The first Jordan’s I ever bought with my first paycheck”

24. When you want to look beautiful, but you mess up:

  • I wore new sandals to work. Yes, there was slight discomfort, but until the last moment, I didn’t sense any problems. My husband opened my eyes. He was laughing. A lot. And I looked at the shoes from above and thought they were the same. The only thing that confused me was the fact that one heel clicked loudly when walking, and the other sounded more muffled. Bottom line: check the merchandise before you walk away from the register. © Gertrude / Pikabu

Do you often go to a shoe store? And when you do, do you manage to find quality shoes and sneakers, or do many of them fall apart on the second day of wearing them?

Preview photo credit anttheninja / Reddit


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